2019 Camp Recap

2019 Camp – Day 1

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Day 1 of the Young Women Leaders in AI 2019 camp has come to an end and what a wonderful start to our week! The lobby was full of so many eager young women, excited to connect and learn about AI. First day nerves seemed to quickly dissipate as the groups gathered, excitingly chatting with one another.

Throughout the day we heard from some empowering female speakers, who shared their stories, passion and journey with us. Our speakers today were: Cathy Ford (CIO of QUT), Faith Rees (CEO and Co Founder of SixPiviot and Cloud Ctrl), Nicole Robinson (Robotics Researcher at the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision) and Ruth Pearson (Data Scientist/Machine Learning Engineer at Silverpond).

All had such inspiring stories and are working on some exciting initiatives. One key takeaway that resonated with me was: To act on your moments and the power of moments, also the title of a book that is now on my reading list.

AWS shared with us the fundamentals of AI, using a very funny and entertaining video that explained, in simple terms, ‘how AI is created’. Once I locate this (if I can) I will share it!

The day finished off with a fun ‘Half baked’ session, which was a quick team building exercise to get everyone’s creative ideas flowing. The activity started with everyone shouting out words, then using these words, randomly paired, to create a product or use case solution with AI tools. The teams when broke off and had 10mins to come up the solution and pitch for their new product or service. The ideas that came from our groups were impressive and took completely unique, innovative and creative approaches. The winner was ‘Chair Elastics’, with an AI driver chair designed for ergonomic efficiency. Some honourable mentions went to ‘Hair Chocolate’, with their pitch for engineered chocolate using DNA harvested from your hair to create chocolate that doesn’t make you put on weight and ‘Swim Glasses’ for their environmentally conscious glasses used by touristed to monitor the heath of our waters.

That’s a wrap for today, see you all tomorrow for Day 2 where will have some hand on labs and more group work.

Remember, dream big, then dream bigger!

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