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Hello, my name is Sarah Thams and am the Community Manager for the Young Women Leaders in AI program. My role is to bring our community together and provide support for you on your journey.

My journey with Women in AI started at the 2018 camp. The 3-day camp was a wonderful experience and it was great find a community of women that share common interests.

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Our 2018 Young Women Leaders in AI camp cohort.

About me:

Where to begin, I am 30, based in Augustine Heights but work in Brisbane and have officially worked in IT for +5 years, however I have been involved in tech my whole life.

My dad got me involved in tech from a young age, it started with gaming (as it usually does), however it extended beyond that, mainly because he refused to keep fixing my computers when I broke them and had to learn to fix it myself. (Let’s say, I am a hands-on learner, and learn things through trial and error).

I currently work full-time for a law firm in Brisbane, as a Service Desk Technician (onsite IT) as well as in-house applications developer. I also am a part-time external Uni student with SCU, working through my Bach. degree in IT (majoring in Software Development). Outside of work, I run my own sole trader freelance business, doing graphic design, full stack development and project management and in my spare time I am usually attending networking events, training courses, going to the movies or painting… and finally to top it all off, I am a mum! I have a beautiful 2-year-old girl. I am fortunate that my fiancé (soon to be husband, in March this year) is a wonderful stay at home dad, which allows me to pursue my career goals and interests while maintaining a good home life for our daughter, Lydia. (If you play Skyrim, you may know her as the housecarl in Whiterun)

I am passionate about IT and software development. Though I have no experience with AI, I figure software development is heading into the space, and it would be wise for me to be involved.

I wear my geek/ mega nerd status with pride. It took me a long time to understand who I am and even decide to work in IT, that’s why I am so passionate about this program. I want to help pave the way for the next generation of girls to pursue their dreams and know that anything is possible if given enough time and good support network. I want all girls in tech to feel they belong and know that they have valuable and worthy contributions to make.


What can you do?

I want you to help me perpetuate this community and share the support for one another. I encourage you to post and share on our social media platforms. We can look at sharing tips, interesting articles, job postings, upcoming events or anything else you are interested in.

It’s wonderful to be a part of a community of women that share common interests and can help support and mentor one another.