Today’s episode of the AI Curious podcast features the tech-savvy business woman and coder Laura Medalia, aka @codergirl_ – a software engineer in NYC and online entrepreneur.

Laura majored in English at college, but always had a love for maths and problem solving. In her senior year at school she took some classes in computer science thus began her love for tech.
In this episode, we discuss how Laura grew her career to where she is today, her first tech job out, what she’s most excited for in the future of tech, and what drives her online presence.

Key points:

  • There are so many ways to learn about tech, whether it’s AI, coding or engineering.
  • Find your own personal style of learning – what suits you best will allow you to learn the best. Look into structured face to face learning like university, online courses or intensive short ‘boot camps’ done online or in person.
  • Find areas of study that you’re interested in learning about; Laura has always had a love for problem solving and used this to drive her career choices.
  • Promote the things you are passionate about – you never know how many people out there are looking to support the same things!

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Jess Leondiou

Jess Leondiou

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