Becks Simpson works passionately in pursuit of solving problems. In today’s podcast, we’ll talk to Backs about the types of problems she’s solving in both her personal and professional lives. I find both her ethics and approach inspiring.

Becks is the former Head of Screening AI at Maxwell Plus, a medical AI company developing algorithms to personalise disease risk and improve cancer diagnosis. She is now turning her sights to how AI can be applied to other pressing problems that our world is facing such as food stability, water sustainability, and environmental protection.
In this episode, we delve into Becks journey into AI. We talk about some of the different companies and projects that she has worked on both personally and professionally and her motivations behind her work and career trajectory.

Motivational takeaways:

  • The best way to stay motived is to find things that interest you and pursue them.
  • Skills are transferable, what you learn in one role can be applied to others.
  • Keeping a diverse range of interests drives creativity.

Thanks for tuning in, we hope you enjoyed this podcast! 

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Jess Leondiou

Jess Leondiou

Jess specialises in brand strategy for tech companies and startups in Australia and Europe.

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