Iqra Shazad is brilliant. At only 23 she has a wealth of knowledge on both the AI industry and personal growth. This episode is an inspiring and insightful listen!

Iqra graduated as an Electrical Engineer from the University of Queensland.In her final year, she became interested in Machine Learning and researched it for a University Project. At the same time, she managed to do an internship at Mawson Ventures, which was her step into Industry. Currently, she’s working in Popgun, exploring Generative models for Music Generation. She’s also interested in Machine Learning including Neural Machine Translation, Graphical Models, and Reinforcement Learning.

Keys Points:

  • Be consistent and patient in your learning.
  • Develop the etiquette to appreciate knowledge (Set aside blocks of time, minimise distractions and leverage all technical resources at your disposal).
  • There is beauty in learning from knowledgeable  (Make an effort to get a degree).

Shopping List:

  • Study area (any place would do, a library, cafe, basement etc.)
  • Time (Blocks of free time, distraction-free)
  • Financial funding for resources (e.g. courses, books, computers & high-speed internet)
  • Distraction free mind space (minimise stress from other aspects of your life)
  • Technical mentor, to correct your technique
  •  ‘With’ ( colleague, partner, sibling or friend) to struggle with technically (it makes learning painless)
  • Endless patience and humility to be persistent in your work


For Beginners/ Intermediate:
For Intermediates/ Advance:
Implement as many papers as you can to practice the skills

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