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Talking AI

Asking questions, chatting to experts, digging in to all things AI

For some, artificial intelligence represents a huge opportunity to solve the world’s most important problems, but many associate the technology with disruptive change and a challenging future. To explore what AI means for our collective future, we’re taking your questions to the AI experts and exploring how the future will really look.

AI Commentary

Creative exploration of AI topics

When most of us think about AI, we think of pages of code and complex mathematics – but its application is touching even the most everyday of experiences. We’re using art and creativity to  explore important AI topics and spur the conversation about what an AI-powered future will look like.

Our collaboration with Griffith University’s Liveworm studios is producing visual art that delves into the most pressing issues around AI, with the work produced to go on display in the public eye with the goal of shedding light on some of the public’s most common questions.

“It’s a great space for women to be able to come together, learn what AI is and how to bring that into technology solutions. Being able to find role models amongst your peers is also really valuable.”

Ruth PearsonMachine Learning Engineer & Mentor

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