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We’re addressing the gender-gap in the field of AI.

One of the biggest dangers in development of AI is that unconscious bias is being built into machine learning algorithms. The results of which will be deeply embedded, difficult to retract perceptions of a situation that may not represent the greater fact. 

A hard pill to swallow when the nature of AI is to remove uncertainty. This is happening because development teams lack diversity on all grounds, particularly from a gender perspective. So we’re stepping up to help develop, connect and inspire women so they can make their contribution to the future of AI. 

Women in AI is an initiative made possible with initial funding from the Australian Government’s Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship (WISE) program.

Meet Our Community Leaders

Our team of community leaders are the driving force in our community. These lovely ladies volunteer their time to support our initiative. Their passion for empowering other women in AI is the key to our success.


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Briony Beaumont

Executive Management Board

Rhiannon Moore

Public Relations Co-ordinator

Morgan Goulding

Social Media Manager

Jessica Robins

YWLIAI Ambassador

Our team

Meet the people behind Women in AI.

Karolyn Gainfort

Executive Management Board

Kelvin Ross

Executive Management Board

Brent Richards

Executive Management Board

Meg Woolley

Executive Management Board

Rohan Toll

Executive Management Board

Ruth Pearson

Advisory Committee

Sue Keay

Advisory Committee

Julienne Seyward

Advisory Committee

Program organisers

The organisations that make the magic happen.

IntelliHQ is a not-for-profit organisation committed to the establishment and support of an innovation hub designed to promote research, investment, and commercialisation of next generation technologies within Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning concentrated within the health sector.
IntelliHQ is a partnership between Gold Coast Health, industry and universities to transform healthcare through AI, enhancing patient outcomes and improving quality of care, while maximising cost-effectiveness.

AIkademi develops human capabilities of individuals, organisations and communities to embrace the opportunities emerging from future AI technologies. Our programs include school engagement programs, data science cadetships, workshop programs, executive briefings and meetups.

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The reason why Women in AI exists

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