2019 Camp Recap

2019 Camp – Day 2

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Day 2 was all about collaboration. First up, the cohort broke into 7 teams. These teams will work together over the next few days to pitch potential business solutions that implement computer vision.  From our hands-on lab with AWS, we learnt that we don’t need to be ‘hardcore’ machine learning coders to start solving problems *sigh of relief for a number of our attendees, myself included*. We can use pre-built packaged services, like the ones AWS provide, to easily design, develop, train and deploy our algorithms. Also, with tools such as github and other resources, we can truly integrate with this open source community.


Thank you to our AWS experts (Aashmeet Kaur Kalra & Navjot Signh) who provided amazing support for our cohort, with some great 1-on-1 learning and tailoring the materiel for the audience. Each year AWS have outdone themselves and we are so fortunate they are part of our community. During the lab, we were able to easily communicate with one another using our slack channels and our groups started to collaborate within their private channels. I can’t believe it has taken me this long to use such a simple yet effective collaboration tool, my new term is now ‘Slack It!’ to anyone who has a cool tip or suggestion.


Our cohort has definitely settled in, with the first-day nerves a distant memory. Our attendees and mentors utilising the lunch break for some informal networking and story sharing. I managed to snap some happy shots and catch some funny faces, Jack Gillespie and Steph Piper you crack me up.


The afternoon session called ‘know yourself, be yourself, lead yourself’ was conducted by Cherie Whelen from Deloittes (a truly inspiring women that I greatly admire). One part of her presentation I really enjoyed was the activity that involved the 6 traits of inclusive leadership (Commitment, Courage, Cognisance of bias, Curiosity, Cultural Intelligence and Collaboration) where we had to identify the trait we felt strongest and weakest in. We then had to gather as a mixed group (strength/weakness) in the trait we identified the strongest with. While in the group, we had a short time to discussed why we felt this area was our strength/weakness. Why this activity was so interesting was because it was the same activity I did at last years camp however my responses had drastically (positively) changed.  Over the space of only 12 months, my perception of myself has changed and traits I felt weakest in, such as courage and collaboration were now what I consider my strengths. Whether this change is from new roles I have taken on (YWLIAI Community Manager) or my involvement in programs such as Young Women Leaders in AI these experiences have allowed me to develop these aspects of myself. #EvolveAways


Finally, to help our teams work on their pitches and come up with a minimum viable product (MVP) concept by the end of the camp, Larene Le Gassick who shared some insights and advice from idea generation to prototyping. This was a high-level look at the process that start-ups generally use. Hopefully, this will provide some context and guidance for our teams in the creation of their solutions. I am so excited to see their ideas at the end of the camp and hopefully, these ideas will gain momentum and they will continue to work on them after the camp.


That wraps up day 2 and I will see everyone bright and early tomorrow.

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