About The Camp

The Young Women Leaders in AI program was created to educate our brightest young women about the opportunities AI is creating, its role in our society, and to help them develop the skills and connections they need to emerge as innovators in the technology industry. Applications are open to women aged 16-26.


Gold Coast University Hospital
Gold Coast, QLD


Friday to Sunday
Sept 28 to 30, 2018

Bridging the Gap

Artificial Intelligence is the catalyst for a massive disruption to jobs and work, but female representation in AI is even lower than the broader tech industry.

We need women who understand AI and its impact to help solve problems around economic equality, algorithmic bias and how society as a whole can benefit most from this new technology.

We’re helping to develop, connect and inspire young women leaders with the tools they need to make their contribution to the transformation ahead of us.

Hands-on Learning

Our 3-day camp features presentations and workshops from leaders in the tech & AI industries, as well as fun events to inspire and connect our community.

The program is focused on building a working understanding of AI and how it will power tomorrow’s economy, and equipping our attendees with the skills they need to help create a brighter future.


The camp wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of our sponsors and community partners. To bring your organisation on board and contribute to the program, get in touch below.


Gold Coast University Hospital - Gold Coast, Queensland.

The GCUH will host to the 2018 camp. Located centrally on the Gold Coast, next door to the Griffith University Campus and with a host of public transport options.